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&&&&& as Cinderella
**&*^% as Wicked Step Mother






He said: &&&&&
She said: $$$$$$
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Hoax: a fake web page

Wiki: a place where every on can see
Urban legend: a legend in a city

3 rules

If there is false information
If it is impossible for that to heppen
If it is all in one paragraph

internet safety and literacy

golfcross- valid
buy dehydrated water- invalid no such thing
inreach- invalid
dog island- invalid
shibumi- invalid
stephen works funkyshoes- invalid
funphone- invalid
bandersnatch- invalid

What is internet safety? internet safety is being aware to not put your personal information.

internet- a vast computer network linking smaller computer networks worldwide
predator- a predatory person.
Alias- a false name used to conceal one's identity
vetted sites-
identity- the condition of being oneself or itself.
safety- to be safe on the internet like don't put your personal information

Meeting (is bad)
Aaccepting (emails is bad if you don;t know who they are)

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You have to work for things to work for you