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Begining: A man is strolling around on the sidewalk by his house. He thinks this is a normal day untill he gets attacked by 3 pink bunnies!
Middle: He tries to fight back but the're too strong. He runs back home and takes an afternoon nap, trying to take the pain away.
End: When he wakes up, he sees that the bunnies are right beside his bed. He runs down to call the police but he's too late. he bunnies made it there first. At the end he finds out that the bunnies just wanted to play with him because they have no home.

Three pink bunnies
One man two emotions

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Story ideas Begining: A man is stroling around the sidewalk by his house when he is attaked by three fuzzy cute little pink bunnies. He screamed as they attaked!

End: When he wakes he see's the bunnies right beside him he eruns to the phone and tries to dial 911 but it is to late the bunnies made it htere before him they look at him with big round eyes and he decides to keep them.


Middle: He tries to fight back but the bunnies are to strong so he runs home screaming like a little kid. He goes to sleep.
What is internet safety? Internet safety is when you try to protect yourself from pepole who will steal your infomation and use it to do stuff that you didn't do. You don't want to give away to much info to someone because you never know. It is important because you could tell someone lot's of stuff about you and the ycould track you down and hurt you or something.
Key words Internet: It is something you use to look things up or play on. You have to be careful though if you use it and not give out to much info about you. Identity: It is your own self it is who you are and some peopole use it to do things to it! Predator: Is someone who steals someones infomation and use's it to do something horrible they sneak around and look for stuff to use. Safety: It is something that you always hafe to remember when your on the internet. so has not to say the wrong thing to someone. Vetted site: A Vettd site is website that someone has checked and you know is safe to be on. Alias: It is when someone try's to hide is identity from someone so they can't use it for something else.
Internet Safety and Information Literacy Golfcross V I think it is valid because it is broably a real game in New Zealand it is just that I haven't heard of it. Buy dehydrated water X I think because when water is dehydrated there is nothing in it! So this is an invalid site. Inreach X because velcro is real but you don't gorw it! Dog Island X becaause dogs proably go there but then again it is proably fake. Shibumi X I think it is fake because there is no end to the internet!! Stephen works (Funky Shoes) X There is no such thing as this thing but it is preety funny!!!!!!!! Fun Phone X Because it is cool but it does not work! Bandersnatch X Because it says that you can download a diploma!! That you didn't earn!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is called cheating. Surfing the Internet. When you surf the internet you are searching but it can be a bad thing anyway.

Definitions Hoax:Websites that have fake information. Urban Legend: Is when you have a legend but it is more

My email The parts of an email To type an email you must write the subject and who it's to to start with. After write the Hi to the person and you write the body of it.The body is when you do the writing in the email. Then you finish with Good-bye and your name then you write another way to contact you. Thst is how you write a email.
Email etiquette
bad copy: HEYMR.ETIQUETTEHoware u? I learned THAT YOU SHOULD never use capitals in the middle of a sentence. cause it looks like your shouting!!!!!!!! IALSO Learned that u should not send NASTY E-MAILS! To pepole use commas where there should be one. U should not write anything u would not say in public. U,,,, should summarize and stay foccused on the subject. Use the BCC's to send it to others but they it to other but they will not see who else has it sent to!!!!!!! I think that etiquette can be FUNNY!!!! :) ;) :D This is why u use smilys so pepole don't misunderstand somethin that is meant to be laughed at.
Mr. Etiquette, How are you? I learned, that you should never use capitals in the middle of a sentence. Because it makes it looks like your shouting! I also learned, that you should not send nasty e-mails to pepole, use commas where there should be one. You should not write anything you would not say, in public. You, should summarize and stay focused on the subject. Use the BCC's to send it to others but they wont see who else you sent it to. I think that etiquette can be funny sometimes! :) That is why you use a smily so pepole don't misunderstand something that is meant to be laughed at. that is e-mail etiquette. Thank you for reading, Shayla ;) :D Internet safety: When you are on the do not give out personal information cause you don't know who will look at it. You could get a e-mail from someone you don't even know!!!
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