JAMing productions

with Jason, Alex & Max


Independence day in Lego city

edited by (Editor's Name)


Lego citizens of Lego city as people in Downtown Lego city
Lego alien as aliens


Intro: spaceship comes to earth.

Beginning: people in Lego city are going about their life normally when aliens come and crash into earth.

Middle: aliens start beaming up people and animals and blowing up planes and buildings looking for a alien statue that the people took from the moon. The aliens find the coffin and leave. But there's no body in the coffin, so they come back and start destroying again.

End: the aliens have nearly taken the whole town when a monkey shoves a banana up the ships tail pipe and the UFO explodes

Script: N/A

Internet Safety and Information Literacy

golf cross v valid i looked on Google

buy dehydrated water: i you'd have to take the liquid out of a liquid

in reach i because there is no such thing as a Velcro plant

The Dog Island i house pets can't survive in the wild

Shibumi i there is no end of the internet you can always go some were else you don't have to turn of the computer

StephenWorks (Funky Shoes) i it doesn't work

Fun Phone i you need speakers and a microphone

Bandersnatch i there is no such thing as magic and it says incorrect things about other things.

Hoax a thing that cons many people into believing something outrageous

A made up story that is about a “friend of a friend”

A Wiki is a collection of web sites that allow people to edit and change sites.

Internet safty

Internet safety is knowing what is safe to put on the internet and what you can't. (ex: you can't put personnel information on the web)

Internet: The Internet is a global network of interconnected computers, allowing users to share information along multiple channels.

Predator: An online predator is an Internet user who exploits vulnerable people, usually for sexual or financial purposes.

Alias: an internet alias is a false name that you use on the internet.

Vetted sites: sites that have been searched thoroughly approved and accepted. (Ex if the school vetted sites they searched thoroughly to make sure that it's safe)

Identity: Your identity is who you are.

Safety: be anonymous




My email

Parts of an email:

  • To line: who the email is sent to.
  • Subject line: What the email is about
  • Salutation: how you start your emal Ex:Hello, Bla bla bla (hello is the salutation)
  • Body: the main part of the email.
  • Signature: Your name at the end of te email

  • Flame: A email flame is a abusive message that can insult sombody or there work.
  • Malware:A malware is a virus sent genraly in attachments that destroys your computer.
  • spam: Spam email is numerouse junk emails sent to multiple people.

My quote**

Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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