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Three bunnies
A man

Begining: A man is strolling around on the sidewalk by his house. He thinks this is a normal day untill he gets attacked by 3 pink bunnies!
Middle: He tries to fight back but the're too strong. He runs back home and takes an afternoon nap, trying to take the pain away.

End: When he wakes up, he sees that the bunnies are right beside his bed. He runs down to call the police but hes too late. The bunnies made it there first. At the end he finds out that the bunnies just wanted to play with him because they have no home.

Internet saftey and information literacy:


Hoax: Websites that are there to trick you.
Wiki: A website that everyone has access to. There might be fake information.
Urban legends: Something that is real but exhagerated.

Valid or not emails:

•Golfcross: VALID. It is a real sprot and there are real links that go to other real webstites.

•Buy Dehydrated water: INVALID. You can't have dehydrated water because then you won't even have water.
•Inreach: INVALID: You can't grow velcro.
•The Dog Island: INVALID. It's says that they hate urgencies.
•Shiburni: INVALID. Not even a website.
•Stephen Works (Funny Shoes): INVALID. Doesn't really make sense.
•Fun Phone: INVALID. It doesn't work.
•Bandersnatch: INVALID. It says that you can dowload a diploma that you didn't even earn.

Safe Surfing:

Internet sfatey is when you protect your personal information and your identity.


•Internet: The internet is a worldwide system of computers where you can get information from other computers.

•Preditor: Could chat with you, pretend the're kids, but the're actually adults.

•Alias: Another name for something or someone (a fake identity).

•Vetted Sites: A site that has been carefully examined or evaluated.

•Identity: The distinguishing character or personality of someone (who you are).

•Saftey: Stay ananimous.

Safe: Don't give out personal information.
eeting: Don't meet with people you don't know.
ccept: Email can be dangerous.
eliable: Beware of people on the net.
Tell: Tell an adult if somethings bothering you.

Good and bad email:
Bad email:
Good email:

Parts of an e-mail:

To Line: Type in the e-mail address that you want to send

Subject Line: The subject of your e-mail

Salutation: How you salute or introduce yourself.

You type your main message

Signature: A unique way of typing your name and ending your e-mail.

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"A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world."

By: Leo Buscaglia