JAMming Productions

with Jason, Alex & Max


Independence Day in Lego City

edited by (Jason & Max & Alex)


Lego Citizens as Lego citizens
Lego Aliens as Lego aliens


Beginning: Normal day in Lego City when aliens crash into earth

Middle: Aliens blow up things while people can't stop them

End: Person



Golfcross: valid, because there are too many sites for it to be a hoax, and all links are valid.
Buy dehydrated water: invalid, because you can't dehydrate water!
Inreach: invalid, because Velcro is made from plastic.
Dog island: invalid, because there is no island dedicated to dogs.
Shibumi: invalid, because the internet is not like a book, there is no "end".
Funky shoes: invalid
Fun phone: Invalid, because you can't talk into a screen.
Bandersnatch: invalid, because there is no such thing as a "fill-in-the-blanks" diploma.
Internet Safety:

Internet Safety Is knowing how to be safe on the net, i.e. no personal info, etc.

Internet: A network around the world that connects computers, where you can exchange info.
Predator:A user on the Internet who exploits other users.
Alias: A fake name that people see as "you" on the internet.
Vetted sites: Approved sites.
Identity: Who you are.
Safety: being safe.

S- safe

My Email:

Parts of an email:

  • To line: recipient of the email.
  • Subject line: what the email is about
  • Salutation:The start of an email, ex. hello
  • Body: What you want to say in the email
  • Signature: Your name


My quote:**

Food is an important part of a balanced diet.
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