G.A. Ind.

Grifyn, Austin


!!!The Epic Battle!!! (((Embed Widget for the Video Here)))

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Grifyn as Termonator
Austin as Destroyer
Mystery Man as Grifyn

Story: Two mad aliens fighting

Beginning: One alien walking around being nice to everybody entill he see's the Destroyer robbing a bank then it's chaos.

Middle: The're both equally strong so they can't kill each other.

End:They both eventually die, by the mysterious mystery man, who can kill anything.


T said:Destroyer..
D said:So we meet again
T said: Ya don't want to cause a fuss in front of all these people
D said: Well... I do aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!
T said:aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!
D said: You think you can
D, T said: ( Big fight )
MM: Kids...

Internet Safety and Information Literacy
  • Golf Cross - V - It's valid because it has all the information that you need for a website.
  • Buy Dehydrated Water - X -It's not valid because you can't drink dehydrated water. Dehydrated means NO WATER ! ! !
  • Inreach - X - It's not valid because Velcro is plastic and can not be grown in a crop or farm.
  • The Dog Island - X - It's not valid because there's no specific island for dogs.
  • Shibumi - X - It's not valid because there is no end of the internet and, THERE'S NOTHING ON IT ! ! !
  • Internet - The internet is a global network of interconnected computers.
  • Predator - A predator is someone trying to get other peoples personal information.
  • Alias - Another name for someone or something.
  • Vetted Sites - A site that has been carefully examined.
  • Identity - Who you are.
  • Safety - Staying anonymos.

What is internet safety???
All these things are internet safety. never give away your full name, where you live, anything personal online. The reason you don't give away your information is because people could take your information and steal it and it can even lead to stealing your money. Don't open anything on the the computer if you don't know exactley what it is or you could get a very bad virus that could delete everything.

Hi Mr Etiquette,
Hello, just sending to ask how you are doing, how your life's going. So now I'm going to talk about my life, I just learned a bunch of things about Email etiquette.
Email etiquette is like good manners at the dinner table. You don't want people to think your gross and stupid just because of an Email, do you? No, you don't, you want people to think you nice and smart. Peolple can change the way they treat you if you write a terrible formed Email, so you have to make your Emailgood and understandable. Well that sums up my Email, if you want to know about Email etiquette just look how nice my Email is, but if you want to know more just look it up.
Thanks for reading.


My Email

Parts of an Email

  • To line: Where you're sending your Email
  • Subject line: What your Email's about
  • Salutaition: The greeting or beginning of your Email
  • Body: The main part of Email's
  • Signature: Your name

My Quote

The Never Ending Math Problem by d3 Dan
The Never Ending Math Problem by d3 Dan

"Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater." -Albert Einstein

" If you think your life is hard, mine will always be harder."