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What is internet Safety?

Internet Safety is...

Not letting creepy stalkers stalk you! You can do that by not talking to creepy creeps that you dont know! :)

Like not telling weird people you dont know your name , last name , where you live and whats your phone number!

OH and giving them PICTURES :O

Internet- Its a place where you can search for information or to just play games or interact with people. Identity- Your personal information, everything about you. Alias- An Internet alias is a generic pointer to an e-mail account. Preditor-An online is an internet user who exploits vulnerable people. Vetted site- Sites that has been carefully examine. Safety- is being safe and not letting creepy creepy stalkers stalk you

My bad and Good E-mail :)



My Email

Parts of an Email

  • To line: You write who its for
  • Subject line: What the Email is about
  • Salutation: The opening of the Email
  • Body: The main part of your Email
  • Signature: Yourname, and how they can contact you

My Quote!


“Don’t be mean to nerds, chances are your going to be working for one!”
- Bill Gates