Lights! Camera! Action Video Productions

with Shannon and Beth


A day at the race track


cast_and_syory.pngIndianna Production with Elisabeth, Shannon, Beverly & Jesika


Indianna Jesika joins the forces of evil

edited by Shannnon, Beth, Beverly and Jesika


Elisabeth as Indianna Jollie-
Shannon as Indianna Jonnie-
Beverly as Indianna Jossie-
Jesika as Indianna Jesika
& Bad guy Bob-


The Indiannas were siting enjoying the sun they were talking and they got Indianna Jesika mad and so joins the forse of evil and changes

her name to Bad guy Bob she becomes the indiannas worst enemy and they have to fight to keep the world a safe place.

Bad guy Bob runs into the indiannas a few times and they have great fights. The final fight is huge even Idianna Jolie has to fight for her

survival.What will happen in the huge fight? Who will survive? How will the fight end?

Well i guess you will have to watch the movie and find out!!!





_Internet Safety and literacy

Hoaxes: It is some thing that is fake like fake website

Urban Legends: An urban legend is sort of like a rumor it is a real story but the person exagerates a bit when they are first telling it then it stays like that it exceeds the truth

A web page where you can put thing on and everyone can see it

-A wiki is not the best place for information espetially not personal stuff because every one
around the world can see it.


golfcross; V it looks verified to me

buy Dehydrated water; I somehow it dosent seem real
also because if something is dehidrated it dosent have any water in it so ya

inreach; Ii did some reserch and velcro is not grown 'cause its made of plastic

the dog island; Ia island for dogs come on

shibumi; I it doesn't even have a page

stephenworks(funkyshoes); I i don't belive it

Fun Phone; I i don't belive it it's a fake

Bandersnatch I so not real

S.M.A.R.T.png internet_safety.png

like you never ever put your full name! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good e-mail and bad e-mail Good e-mail good_e-mail.pngthat is outragious it has to be fake


My e-mail

Parts of an e-mail

To line: Where you write, the e-mail of who you are sending the e-mail to

Subject line: Where you right, what you are going to write about

Salutation: The beging of an e-mail, where you say hello

Body: The main part of your e-mail, where you write what you want to say

here you say good bye, the end of an e -mail

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