with Carson, Tate,and Brayden presents

The spiders

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edited by Tate Zawadiuk

Cast:Carson as Litle Jimmy Tate as Paul Brayden as Joe


Beginning:three brothers go into the woods and find the spiders the second youngest dies

Middle:they get traped and the youngest dies in the web

End:the giant spider gets the last brother and it eats him


P come on guys we have to patrol the forest
L do we have to it's so late
J don't worry we will have our guns
P come on guys we will be late
(we all run to the forest)
L we cant go in there this night is the night
J oh come on we will be fine
L im not going in
J fine
J se there is nothing here
J aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
P run
L the spiders are here


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