Me Addy and Sabrina are doing a music video, with the song sugar by Flo rida!!!
I think we are going to do it at sabrina's house on her trampoline!

Key terms!!!

hoax-it is a deliberate attempt to dupe, deceive or trick an audience into beleiving you!!

wiki- A wiki is a collection of webpages designed to enable anyone with access to contribute or modify content!!
Urban legend's- Stories that are not true, so like mith

Internet safety and information literacy

  • funky shoes X- because there is no such thing as funky shoes, and no one would want them !!

Shibumi X- because there is no end to the internet and that's not a website!@!!
  • Dog island X- invalid because there is no island made for dogs!!!

  • golf crossV-it's valid because it has all the information that you need for a website!
  • Buy dehidrated water X-Because you can't drink dehidrated water!!!!!




Internet safety!!!!

Internet-interconnected computers around the world!!!!
Predator- someone who exploits you!!!!
Alias- another name!!!!

Vetted sites- sites that has been carefully examined!!!!
Identity-who you are name , apperance, adress!!!!

safety- be anynmous

GOOD AND BAD E-MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my_bad_e-mail.pngMr.Ettiquite.pngMy E-mail

Parts of an E-mail
  • To line: Place where you put the name of the personne who you are going too send to.
  • Subject line: What theE-mail is about.
  • Salutation: It is the opening part of an E-mail.
  • Body: Main part of an E-mail.
  • Signature: your name at the end of the E-mail. Example: Albert

My Quote
external image 12girl-sharks-section.jpg.Don't be mean to me or else you'll end up like her!!!!