Show Time Productions

With Beverly


A New Friend

Edited By: Beverly


- Blobert as Blobert

- Blobina as Blobina

- Lox as Lox

- Jubster as Jubster

Story: One very sunny day,Blobert and Blobina went to the beach. And they saw there friend Jubster. Blobina found a ball and they played rollie ball. When Blobert throws the ball at Blobina he misses and it rolls into the ocean. A sea monster comes out and everybody runs away but the sea monster is a really nice guy so he passes the ball back onto land. The 3 friends continue to play and blobina accedently rolled the ball into the ocean. They see the sea monster again and run again. Once again, the sea monster rolles the ball back onto land and the 3 friends play rollie ball again. They were happily playing when Jubster rolles the ball into the ocean. The sea monster comes back but this time, nobody runs away. They stop and think about how the sea monster throws the ball back to them when it rolled out to the sea. So they become friends with the sea monster named Lox.

Blobert: Hey. What do you think we should do?
Blobina: I dunno. What do you want to play
Blobert. Lets just walk over there and maybe we'll be able to find something to do.
Blobina: Sure. Good idea.
Jubster walks in
Blobert: Hey jubster! How ya doing?
Jubster: Great! I was just going to walk out here and enjoy the ocean view. What are you guys doing here?
Blobina: We don't know. Same thing as you I guess.
Blobert: Hey. Look over there!
Jubster: I know. It's a tree. So what.
Blobert: No. Behind the tree.
Blobina: Ya it's a ball! We should play with it. Then we wouldn't be so bored.
Blobert: Good idea. I'll go get it
Blobert goes and gets the ball
Jubster: Now we have something to do! YAY!
Blobina: Let's play rollie ball.
Blobert. Ya! That's my favorit game.
Jubster: Mine too.
Blobert: I'll start
Blobert starts to roll the ball.
Blobina: This is fun
Jubster: Woohoo
Blobert: This is awsome
Blobert rolls the ball into the water
Blobina: Oh no! How are we ever gonna get the ball back?Your so clumsy!
Lox pops out of the water
Everybody: RUUUUUUUN! A SEA MONSTER!!!!!!!!!
Lox rolles the ball back to land and dives back into the water.
Blobert: Phew. I'm glad we have our ball back.
Blobina: Ya. I'm glad that sea monster didn't eat it.
Jubster: Totally duuuuuude!
Blobert: Let's continue playing.
Blobina and Jubster: Ya!
Blobina: This time, I'll start.
blobina rolles the ball to jubster
Everybody: yay this is fun!!!
blobina rolles the ball into the water
Blobert: Now look what you did! I'm not the only one that's clumsy!

Jubster: Duuuudes. It's ok. The freaky sea monster's gonna ...
Everybody: Ruuuuuun! A sea monster!!!!! Aaaaah!
Lox rolles the ball back to land and dives back into the water.
Blobina: I'm sure glad that that's over.
Blobert: Yep.
Jubster: Dudes, let's just play rollie ball. I'm gonna start so you 2 clumsy butts don't roll the ball into the water.
Blobina and Blobert: Hey!!
jubster rolles the ball to blobina and blobina rolles the ball to blobert
Jubster acciddently rolles the ball into the wa

Blobert: Now who's the clumsy butt?
Blobina: You rolled the ball into the water!
Jubster: Sorry guys. But don't worry, the freaky sea monster will just...
Everybody: A sea monster!! RUUUUUU...
Lox: WAIT!!
Blobina: It's talking to us
Lox: DO NOT RUN!!!!
Blobert: It's shouting! It's getting mad!!!
lox starts crying
Blobina: Look you guys. It's crying.
Lox: I'm not an IT! I'm a he! Or a she!! boo hoo boo hoo hoo hoo
Jubster: We heart uuuuh. the sea monster's feelings.
Lox: My name is Lox and nobody ever wants to play with me. Boo hoo hoo hoo
Jubster: Look dude. We could play with you.
Lox: Really? (sniffle)
Blobina: Ya! We could play rollie ball!
Blobert: Ya! And you could start!
Lox: Thanks you guys(sniffle)
Blobert: Common! Let's play
lox passes the ball to blobert.
Lox: Yay
Blobert: Woo Hoo
Blobina: Horray
Jubster: Awsome duuuuude!
Everybody: YAY!!!

Hi everybody
Your probably wondering why I don't have a video here on my wikispaces. Well. I was almost done. But then I think I might have deleted it by accident or something happened. I don't know what happened but all I know is that it's gone so here are some paragraphs explaining what my video woud've been like if it was still alive.

My Idea
My idea was to create a claymation about 3 friends who wanted to play rolie ball. Rolie ball is when you roll the ball to another player. And after a few rolls. Somebody would accidently roll the ball into the ocean and then lox would come out and get it for them but everybody would be afraind of Lox so they ran away. This would happen a few times. And then at the end, Lox becomes everydbody's friend and they all played rollie ball.

What I did before my video died
I finished moving all the peices and even put it on movie maker. I also edited it by adding credits and a title. I deleted a few scenes and I made a few scenes longer and some shorter.
What I was going to do before my video died
I was almost finished. All I had to do was record my voice clips then I could've downloaded on youtube.

I can't beleive my video died. She was only a few weeks old. :(

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My quote:

imagination.jpgImagination rules the world.

-Napoleon Bonaparte

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