hi My email

Parts of an email
  • To line:Place where you type someone's email
  • Subject line:Whats the email about
  • Salutation: The greeting or beginning of your email
  • Body:Your main part of your email
  • Signature:Your name

My quote
Glory is like a circle in the water,Which never ceaseth to enlarge itself,Till by broad spreading it disperses to naught
William Shakespeare

safety is you dont give away personel information on the web or your number or any informaton about your friends.

Internet: The internet is a system where you can get information off other computers

Predator: there adults that change there identity on the web

Alias: Another name for a file or device

Vetted sites: A site you have have to carefully examine

Identity: Who you are

safe: with dad at home
meeting: a stranger at the park
accept: death with oncle
relliable: people arent important anymore
tell: Yo MAMA ! is fat

external image bad_man_400.jpg

  • Funky shoes X-theres no such thing as funky shoes and who would want to buy them.

  • Shibumi X-There is no information
Hoax: A hoax is a deliberate attemt to dupe, decieve or trick an audience into believing