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Man goes strolling along when suddenly...An attack of the pink bunnies! They surrond him and he doesn't know what to do so he acts brave and that doesn't quite work because he starts teasing and taunting them and they get angry so he ends up having to go to the hospital.And when the doctors wheel him away he says," I will have revenge on those pink nasty bunnies!!! ".But then when he gets out of the hospital he figures out that they only wanted to play.And then they start playing together!

Idea being used:

Begining: A man is strolling around on the sidewalk by his house. He thinks this is a normal day untill he gets attacked by 3 pink bunnies!
Middle: He tries to fight back but the're too strong. He runs back home and takes an afternoon nap, trying to take the pain away.
End: When he wakes up, he sees that the bunnies are right beside his bed. He runs down to call the police but he's too late. The bunnies made it there first. At the end he finds out that the bunnies just wanted to play with him because they have no home.

3 pink bunnies
1 man

(man)"Hmm... maybe I should go to the parc."
"look at those bunnies Awww"
"What what what's going on ahhhh let go you vermins!"
(Bunnies) "Eep Eep hee hee!"
(Man) "Ahhh" He runs back inside his house. Then takes a nap. "Pink bunnies? Nah I must be seeing things" Then slowly falls asleep
and starts snoring"
(Bunnies)Hee hee da man!
(Man) *Snort* "ahh that was a good sleep,AHHHHHHHHHH the Pink bunnies are back!" He runs down stairs" gotta find a phone gotta find a phone"
"Ahh stay back bunnies" They made it down first. But wait they're not attcking, they're holding something out to the man. " what's this? it looks like a ball!" he sniffs it "it smells like ball" he touches it "it feel like a ball" "wait is all you guys wanted to do was play?"
(Bunnies) All three of them nod.
(Man) well in that case let's play!" And the four of them start playing.

Internet safety and information literacy

Valid or not

Golf cross-Valid: it makes sense and is a real sport with real links
Buy dehydrated water-invalid: you can't get dehydrated water
inreach-invalid:It's impossible yo grow velcro
the dog island-invalid:Dogs don't roam free
shibumi-invalid: it's not a real website
Stephenworks(Funky Shoes)-invalid: doesn't make sense
Fun Phone-invalid: it does not work

S: safe
M: meeting
A: accept
R: reliable
T: tell

Internet: interconnected computers around the world

Predator: someone who exploits or uses you

Alias: another name for someone

Netted sites: sites that have been carefully examined

Identity: who you are: Name, appearance, address, age

Safety: be anonymous


being safe is to be careful of what you say and how much information you give away

Bad e-mail:

Good e-mail :

My e-mail:
parts of an e-mail

to line: who you are sending to
subject line: what you're e-mail is about
salutation: the opening of your e-mail
the body: ths is the main part of your e-mail
signature: how you end your e-mail

My Quote

Fear makes strangers of people who would be friends.
-Shirley McLaine