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Independence day in Lego city

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lego people as lego people in down town lego city aliens as lego aliens


Beginning: people are living their normal life when aliens come.

Middle: aliens come to earth to look for their king but its not there so they go to the museum and destroy it all ad they find there king and they leave.

End: the aliens have nearly taken the whole town when a monkey shoves a banana up the ships tail pipe and it explodes.


Internet Safety and Literacy

Hoax-it is a tipe of joke that they try to make you belive.
Urban Leganed-is something that is real but some isn't

Golfcross-valid Golfcross is real because I checked on google
Buy dehydrated water-invalid dehydrated water is just a hoax cause you can't dehydrate water.
Inreach-invalid because ther is no such thing as a Velcro crop.
The dog island-invalid ther is island with dog and just dogs.
Shibumi-invalid it is not the end of the Internet.
Stenphenworks(funky shoes)-valid cause people will buy shoes especially if they were in famous places.
Fun Phone-invalid cause you can't talk in to the screen.
Bandersnatch-invalid because it tells that there is magic in the world that you can learn and tells lies about business

What is internet safety: Internet safety is not to put any of your personal information on it.

Internet- The Internet is a global network of interconnected computers, allowing users to share information along multiple channels.(interconnected computers)
Predator- someone who exploits you.
Alias- An Internet alias is a false name that you can us on the Internet.
Vetted sites- Sites that have been carefully examined.
Identity- Identity is your name/age/….
Safety- Be anonymous.

S: safe
M: meeting
A: acept
R: reliable
T: tell

My good and bad email

My Email

Parts of an Email

-To Line: Were you put the persones email adres.
-Subject Line: What the subject of the email is about.
-Salutation: the begining wen you say hello.
- Body: Were you put your email message.
- Signature: Were you put your name and say bye.
- spam: is junk mail

My quote

"Education is the most powerful
weapon which you can use to
change the world"

-Nelson Mandel